An unsolicited snapshot
from the dark side of the planet asks
for my blessing. Asks for my happiness

Asks me to admire the beauty
of a new star - his girlfriend. Tells me
he chased her across an ocean

And, isn't that love? He asks
Isn't it funny? Isn't it some kind of wonderful
the way the world works out?

And I distance myself from all meaning, literally - as is my way. Because it is funny
to imagine the globe in a gym

Just like me, sweating through endless orbit
optimistically doomed - still, hoping
that terraforming might attract the moon

And when he says I knew better, this time
than to make the same mistakes
I made with you

I imagine dear Atlas
on bent knee, iron muscles taut, straining to shoulder my molten core

The balance of cosmos requires light -
depends solely on rules of reciprocal gravity,
so I say You deserve to be happy

and let it go, simply. Gratitude's airy salve
will smoothe this gouged ground, eventually
renewing thick mantle and crust

in time.