When the bullets hit the building
I slept through it
only woke
when my neighbor
pounded the door.
She said
They're shooting
stared at me
like a maniac
when I offered her tea.
A whistling kettle
mimics the sound of sirens
3 minutes to steep
before answering the officers questions
if you didn't see anything
you're useless
all you can do
is point to the shattered stucco
the broken windshield
the lead embedded
in the window frame
your friend's panicked breathing
too late
to identify
anything relevant
except the fact that we're all
still breathing
everyone shivering
in the crisp air
and their pajamas.
When I tell my boss
there was a shooting
She asks if I'll move
somewhere else
somewhere better
I say
It's usually so quiet
But the truth is
I can't think
of anywhere
that feels