I do not identify
as Democrat or Republican
the closest I come
to party loyalty
is Independent -
not because I’m familiar
with the stiff stance of policy
but because I think every human
should learn
to define themselves.

I spent Clinton’s last term
with a liberal stockbroker.
Bush’s first term, locked down
by a cop so conservative
I dated a DJ until Obama
he just seemed so damned moderate
in comparison.
I understood his values -
we just didn’t sync.

Since then, I
have campaigned solo.
I never answer the polls
and my life is less volatile.
Ten years of true liberation
and I've learned to smile more.
The ticket I run on, these days
is called integrity.
Call me selfish.
Call me snowflake.
Call me turncoat -
but I’ve never cared much
for playing politics.

You can never sway
toward either extreme -
No matter how true your views may be.
Even small condemnation
is hard to dismiss
once you’ve been labelled
a rabble-rouser.

This assessment of character
clearly a misunderstanding -
still, I refuse to debate.
All I can offer is this -
humble oath of affirmation.
Faithful dedication.
A thirst for understanding,
and the willingness
to simply state my case.

Take it
or leave it,
friend -
in the end,
we all cast our votes.