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the help

Never invited
to the party; I clean up
after the others.

magnolias (in haiku)

Love and trees both thrive
only with careful tending
and thought to their growth

These seedlings, planted
in loose soil, too long fallow
and without water

Will stretch their limbs high
to find their branches stunted,
withered brittle brown

Lest some concerned soul
reads the future in their leaves,
nurtures deeper roots.

We will bloom, in time.
This heart-scarred trunk grows patient,
spreads concentric rings,

lets loose hopeful seeds.


One sawed-off shotgun
of a mouth, aimed to pop off
any second, now.


I am no longer
in the business of fixing
broken-hearted boys.

Candor (in tanka form)


You ask me to write
candidly, as spring rises
new growth bursting ground.
It’s too soon to speak plainly.
I love you. Words bide their time.


Your spring love ran dry
long before summer's drought wicked
the grass from these hills.
My seasoned heart - less green, now
only anticipates fall.

you're just lost

In the woods,
children leave breadcrumbs. They know
no better approach.

stormy weather

Weather makes sense
of shelter. If your refuge
is good, so the rain.

Know when to fold 'em

I've held so many
heavy-hitting hands - but you?
You're a real wild card.


is the new black. I must say -
it’s not my color.


Let's say I swallow
this desire. Will it linger
sweet on my dry tongue?