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Party girl

I do not identify
as Democrat or Republican
the closest I come
to party loyalty
is Independent -
not because I’m familiar
with the stiff stance of policy
but because I think every human
should learn
to define themselves.

I spent Clinton’s last term
with a liberal stockbroker.
Bush’s first term, locked down
by a cop so conservative
I dated a DJ until Obama
he just seemed so damned moderate
in comparison.
I understood his values -
we just didn’t sync.

Since then, I
have campaigned solo.
I never answer the polls
and my life is less volatile.
Ten years of true liberation
and I've learned to smile more.
The ticket I run on, these days
is called integrity.
Call me selfish.
Call me snowflake.
Call me turncoat -
but I’ve never cared much
for playing politics.

You can never sway
toward either extreme -
No matter how true your views may be.
Even small condemnation
is hard to dismiss
once you’ve been labelled
a rabble-rouser.

This assessment of character
clearly a misunderstanding -
still, I refuse to debate.
All I can offer is this -
humble oath of affirmation.
Faithful dedication.
A thirst for understanding,
and the willingness
to simply state my case.

Take it
or leave it,
friend -
in the end,
we all cast our votes.

Fall in love with me.

He says
Fall in love with me -
what have you got to lose?

And I think -

Sleepless nights
and nervous butterflies
and the endless wandering flights of fancy
or chance that find me awake at
2am, most nights,
and writing poetry.

And, poetry itself -
because I only write when I am
working myself out, in some way,
or when I'm trying to say
what's rumbling in my guts.

I lose the ache
I lose the act
I lose my thunder crack
and furied form when lightning flickers
in the night sky of my heart

and I am so used to hurricane
I don't know what to do
with all this stillness
except lie
in its calm center,
releasing everything that matters
to the wind

Still, tell me -
if I lose it all -

do I

You said you could never consider dating me seriously...

You said
you could never consider dating me seriously unless I would consider getting a boob job.
I said
The best thing about having tits this size, honey, is not having to fight off douchebags like you.
I'm the first to admit - a close second to this -
being able to sleep like a star fish.
It's a position that matches my martyr complex -
and the holy trinity of my body, my pride, and my ability
to fucking hang like the riff of a rock song are all in agreement -
something better will come along.

It's taken too long to build this wall of self-love,
and some words can wreckingball topple it in an instant.
And I've spent long nights tossing and turning,
searching these sheets for the comfort of my own skin.
I will not invite a Trojan horse into this unsteady sanctum.

There's no shame in admitting this shell is not perfect -
still, sometimes I forget that a smile does more for my face than any cosmetic.
That my natural hair is exactly the right shade
(you can tell, cuz it matches my eyebrows perfectly).
I am not made for surface-level affections,
nor was I made for taking directions about my appearance.

Please know - I am not writing this poem to make you feel bad.
I am writing it solely to make me feel better.
Self love is a fun house mirror -
admiration, a one-way glass
but I'm told that the one who is really my perfect match
will see none of the flaws
- all of the love -

He'll see me.